When the Olympic Games were held at altitude in Mexico City, it was evident that endurance competitors who lived at altitude had an over their sea-level counterparts.  The subsequent emergence of Kenya and Ethiopia as distance-running superpowers has suggests that those who train at altitude, not only perform better at altitude, but also at sea-level.  Altitude training is now widely used by elite endurance athletes as a way of maximising their performance. aims to collate information about the best altitude training destinations and venues, and provide details about camps and training centres at those locations.  Altitude Training is a supplementary resource to Notes from higher grounds: An altitude training guide for endurance athletes, a book which was published by Kukimbia Huru Publishing in December 2013.  

In the future, will be extending to providing training camps at altitude for athletes of all levels.  More information to follow.

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Training at altitude  

1. Drink plenty of water, and other caffeine-free fluids
2. Don’t overdo it, especially in the first week
Get lots of sleep and recovery
Wear sunscreen
5. Listen to your body
6. Enjoy!  Use the change of environment to inspire and motivate you.

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November: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the greatest distance running nations in the world, and a large portion of the country is situated at altitude. Popular options for training include Addis Ababa and Sululta (2,300m - 2,900m) and Bekoji (2,800m), the small town which is the birthplace of the Bekela brothers and the Dibaba sisters. The Great Ethiopian Run, held in November each year, is a major attraction for runners from across the world, and athletes of all levels can benefit from the excellent facilities at Yaya Village in the hills above the capital.

Additional information is provided on  twitter and facebook throughout July.

Kenyan training trip competition

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'I defy any runner to read this book and not emerge with a serious urge to travel to one or more of these destinations' Athletics Weekly

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