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When the Olympic Games were held at altitude in Mexico City, it was evident that endurance competitors who lived at altitude had an advantage over their sea-level counterparts.  

The subsequent emergence of Kenya and Ethiopia as distance-running superpowers indicated that those who train at altitude not only perform better at altitude, but also at sea-level.  Altitude training is now widely used by elite endurance athletes as a way of maximising their performance. aims to collate information about the best places to do altitude training, and to provide details about camps and training centres at those locations.  Altitude Training is a supplementary resource to Notes from higher grounds: An altitude training guide for endurance athletes, a book which was published by Kukimbia Huru Publishing in December 2013.  

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Now is a great time to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland's top altitude training destinations, which include St Moritz (1856m) and neighboring Pontresina (1,805m), as well as Davos (1560m), Europe's highest city. If you fancy a trip to beautiful St Moritz in September, get in touch - we have some accommodation available for a 16 night stay. Read more

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'I defy any runner to read this book and not emerge with a serious urge to travel to one or more of these destinations' Athletics Weekly

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