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About is run Elizabeth Egan, an Irish middle-distance runner with a passion for travelling, writing, and helping athletes maximise their potential.  In March 2010, Elizabeth set about combining her passions with the purpose of writing an altitude training travel guide for distance runners and  the book (Notes from higher grounds: an altitude training guide for athletes) was published in December 2013.  

This website is a supplementary resource to the for athletes and coaches looking to train at altitude.  The Resources and Classifieds pages, in particular, contain useful information for athletes and coaches looking to train at altitude. If you have any specific questions about altitude training venues please contact us.


Notes from higher grounds

Have you ever wanted to run with the Kenyans? Would you like to stride along the same Albuquerque trails that made Paula Radcliffe a world beater?  Have you ever fancied racing at 2,400 m of altitude?  Is spending three weeks running in the Alps your idea of the perfect holiday? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you.  It features 15 of the world’s most popular altitude training destinations, and provides useful travel information for athletes of all levels.  This first-of-its-kind guide is packed with practical advice, spectacular photographs, interesting features, and light-hearted blog excerpts detailing the author’s own experiences and observations.

Further information on the motivation to write the book, and the travels undertaken can be found on the blog section of this website.  

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The book is available through Amazon and in-store in the following retail outlets:

- Ireland: The Book Centre, Wexford
- Northern Ireland: Pure Running, Belfast

- Eng
land: The Running Works (Run-Fast Retail), London

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Praise for Notes from higher grounds

'During and era where 'churnalism' prevails and so many books are put together with heavy reliance on Google and without the writer leaving their home or office, this book is a breath of fresh air...and a fine effort

'This is no slapdosh job whereby the author has cobbled together information from the internet and other books either.  Instead she has logged up the airmiles to garner the information and her opinions are based on real experiences

'I defy any runner to read this book and not emerge with a serious urge to travel to one or more of these destinations'

Athletics Weekly


' will surely become a go-to manual for endurance athletes, whilst still offering plenty to interest the general traveller.

'...any prospective trainer at altitude, looking for a factual, informative and interesting starting point for planning, could not go wrong with this 350-page paperback guide.'

Self Publishing Magazine



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Kukimbia Huru Publishing

Kukimbia Huru Publishing is a small publishing company owned by Elizabeth.  Kukimbia Huru translates roughly from Swahili to mean 'Run Free' the motto by which Elizabeth lives her life, and by which this book was written.  Notes from higher grounds is the first book published by Kukimbia Huru Publishing, but other books are planned for the near future.

The goal of the company is to publish high quality, value-for-money niche books which will impact the lives of athletes of all levels.  The emphasis is on practicality rather than profit.



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Elizabeth Egan

Elizabeth has a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick, and a PhD from Liverpool John Moores University. She managed the Sport Scholarship Programme at the University of Birmingham between 2006 and 2010, and worked as High Performance Sport Manager at University of East London between 2011 and 2012.  Elizabeth has published research findings in peer-reviewed journals, and this is her first full-length book.

In addition to promoting the book, Elizabeth is a freelance writer, and provides lifestyle and career advice to high performance athletes through Athlete Life Development.


Elizabeth Egan 

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